We Leonel, Lorenzo, and Luis Torres Pacheco (born in Mexico, 1996) are triplets and we artistically consider ourselves as a unique entity.

When one of us begins a work, it immediately springs up in him the need to be and keep working along with the others two. Our ways to produce are quite similar that, even for us, is too hard to distinguish which is the hand of one and which of the others.

Our personal experience has turned us into a natural artistic collective and this got a great meaning for our formation and it is also the propulsive force for our production.

For us, art goes beyond the pure creation of works. It is mainly the medium through which we experience both our  creative process and the circumstances that arises in our lives.

Painting and drawing are the expressive ways that we use in our work the most, which generally has figurative features with strong references to reality, metaphysics and fantasy, with properties of hyperrealism and photorealism.

Trillizos Torres Pacheco

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