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We Leonel, Lorenzo and Luis Torres Pacheco (Mexico, 1996) are triplets and we consider ourselves as a unique artistic entity.


From a very young age we knew that our professional path would have to do with collaboration. Such thinking was developing and gaining strength as we progressed in our artistic projects. We saw that our works together had a much stronger energy than those that we worked separately. So, our own experience led us to a certain path that became so relevant in our training that it became the driving force behind our production and this has defined us as a natural artistic collective.


Painting is the expressive form that we use the most in our work, which generally has the characteristic of being figurative with strong references to reality, to the metaphysical and to the fantasy, with properties of hyper-realism and photorealism. However, we do not confine ourselves to a single style and/or technique but we also really like to experiment with new production methods because we strongly believe that letting ourselves be carried away by the circumstances that life itself presents us can lead to new results that can even complement the production and creative process.


When working on a piece, we settle ourselves in such an organic way that we think it would be something not so natural for others. In fact, the positions we take are even unconscious but it is the way we feel comfortable when executing a work. The planning of the image to be painted comes before producing a work, that is, the compositions, colors and shapes, digital sketches in general, we previously discuss them not in a round table but in a triangular one to see all the details. And once the digital sketch is defined, we start drawing on the canvas and immediately painting, and here, the magic begins!